About Us

When it comes to fine dining chefs, few are as passionate and enthusiastic about cooking as Chef Rich Lemoine, recently the Executive Chef of the Cape Arundel Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine. Chef Rich has served as the Executive Chef of the oceanfront Inn for over 17 years. Prior to the Cape Arundel Inn, Chef Rich was the Executive Chef at the White Barn Inn Kennebunk and the Salt Marsh Tavern in Kennebunk. His creativity and loyalty to natural Maine food can be tasted in every dish that he has created.

Chef Rich and Tina Lemoine have been married (and best friends) for 32 years. They have resided in Kennebunk most of that time, and raised two beautiful children Tai and Neil.

The Lemoine’s have build their own Maine legacy at the Village Tavern. As Chef Rich comments about his mission “The food I create is real food from the heart. It’s tied to the earth and is incredibly satisfying.”

Chef Rich’s dedication to Maine and New England is evident in every entrée he creates. He puts a great deal of time and energy into each amazing dish. He is continually improving on his culinary talent by creating new items for the seasonally changing menu.

Chef Rich and Tina have worked side by side since 1978 and look forward to providing a special experience to all who enter their Tavern.